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| Education Loan From Schools Guide

SCHOOLS GUIDE is a Company engaged in the business of lending to educational institutions and entrepreneurs managing such institutions. The company started its operations in December 2018 from Mumbai, The company is widely recognized and appreciated in the education segment for its impact on schools and focus on improvement in quality of education.

The objective of SCHOOLSGUIDE is to assist the Schools and other education institutions in capacity building through infrastructure improvements, thereby enabling students to access quality education.

We are proud to be the first company in the world to exclusively fund education institutions. Earlier these institutions, especially affordable private schools were facing challenges to get funding from the formal financial sector, as a result the requirements were met either by borrowing from unorganized market at higher cost or these projects were delayed/shelved till accumulations from internal accruals. Now with SCHOOLS GUIDE manage and arrange funding, these institutions can undertake their projects as planned without delays.

SCHOOLS GUIDE caters to entire education segment, more particularly our focus areas include Affordable Private Schools, Private Schools, Play Schools, Private Degree and Vocational Colleges, Coaching Centers, Teachers and SME catering goods and services to Education segment.

Our efforts are widely appreciated and we are proud to have earned the confidence and trust of our customers, lenders.

Play School Loans

Play schools are playing an important role in preparing young toddlers for formal school education. Right atmosphere, better educational toys and teaching techniques differentiate good and better play schools.


Parents are very particular about sending their wards to play school which provide hygienic environment, safe and better school spaces, trained teachers which is very important at this tender age of mind development.

Realizing the growing demands of parents, play schools are investing in learning toys and innovative curriculum. If you are planning to start a play school or are planning to upgrade your infrastructure, we can provide you loan to fund your dream project. Our customized loans can help you achieve your goals.

Loans to Vocational Colleges and Institutes

Indian industries are looking for skilled personnel for their increasing work force requirement to keep up the pace with growth, vocational colleges plays a vital role in fulfilling the requirements of business and industries.


Vocational colleges are instrumental in skilling students which is important for their employability. We provide loans to Vocational colleges to undertake infrastructure upgradation projects which can help you provide better facilities and environment to students which is essential for their learning and skill development.

Being a specialist in funding education segment, we understand your requirement better and depending upon the cashflow of your Vocational college we can fulfil your funding requirement. With quicker our turnaround time, you can expedite execution of your projects which will lead to overall growth of your college and ultimately students in terms of improved quality of education.

Student Education Loan

Quality Education in today's age comes at a cost and we at Schools Guide believe that the cost of your child's education should not be a burden on your finances. Schools Guide is pleased to launch "Schools Guide Finance" scheme, a convenient and easy EMI mode of payment for your child's education expenses. Our NO COST Roi (0%), EMI and easy documentation process ensures that good quality education is now made accessible to everyone

Coaching Institutes Loans

In pursuit to score maximum marks and secure admissions in better colleges more and more students, from primary and senior classes, are opting for private tuitions. Coaching for competitive exams is also opted by students to stay ahead and improve chances of clearing the competitive exams.

Coaching institutes are bridging the learning gaps in students and are playing important role in supporting them to face today’s competitive world. Faculty in the coaching center is of paramount importance besides good infrastructure e.g. convenient location, better & bigger spaces, equipment such as faster copier machines, good furniture etc.

Improve your infrastructure by availing our loans tailored to suit your requirements. We provide loans to coaching institutes, based on your cash flow.

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