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How can Schools Guide help me find the best school, Coaching for my child?


  • Search for any school in the INDIA by name, location or pin code

  • See official school statistics in a parent-friendly and clear visual format

  • Use colour coded design to filter primary, secondary and independent schools

  • Compare schools from all sectors in our Schools Guide league tables

  • Get a Schools Guide star rating to see how a school ranks locally


How many schools do you include?


We feature major information on Schools, Coaching in India.

What is the Schools Guide star rating?


This is our own unique rating for each school, ranging from one to five stars. The rating gives a clear and easily understood summary of how well each school has performed in the previous year based on key statistics. The Schools Guide rating is based on official data and is 100% objective. Data points used to calculate the Schoolsguide star rating include key performance data and inspection ratings. We welcome comments on each school’s unique Parent Review page but this is not used to influence the rating in any way.
Please note: a separate Schools Guide star rating algorithm is created for each country and is unique to its dataset.
If you are a school with an official source of data that appears to be missing from your Schools Guide page, you can also submit a report by contact us :-Spotted something wrong with this data

I can see a school with a missing data field but it is still rated. Is this fair?

Yes. Each type of school has a minimum number of core data fields that is required to activate our unique Star Rating algorithm. A school may be missing one field but still satisfy the minimum requirement to be rated.

Where does the school description text come from?

The description text on our school pages is taken from the its most recent inspection report, where available. Schools may also provide text for their page. If you are school and would like to update this text, please Contact Us.

How do you rank schools in your local league tables?

Click on the 'Compare to nearby schools' schools button on a school page and you will be taken to a local league table. The list of 20, 40 or 60 schools will show schools ranked by their Schools Guide Star Rating first. If no Star Rating is available, the school will be listed as Not Rated and will appear in geographical order based on the school's proximity to the centre of the search location or pincode. Schoolsguide local leagues show the 20 nearest schools to the search location or postcode by default. Select 40 or 60 to see more schools. Not Rated means we haven't rated this school; it is not the same as a low or zero star rating. We only give a school a star rating when it has enough datao rate it fairly.

How do I know your information is reliable?

We only publish information on our data pages from official sources of schools, and Department of Education.

What are the official sources of Schools Guide data?


We only use data from official sources including:

  • The Department for Education.

  • Data Provided by school officials with supporting documents

How often does schools Guide inspect schools?

“How frequently a school is inspected depends on how well it did at its last inspection. We inspect weaker schools more frequently and only inspect outstanding schools where concerns emerge.” A school judged to be good or outstanding will only be inspected at five-year intervals unless the inspectors identify any concerns. "To help decide whether we could wait longer than three years before undertaking a full inspection of a good or outstanding school.

How do I use Schools Guide to help me choose a school?

We recommend that parents use all the official data published on Schools Guide as a starting point for more detailed research. We provide an overview of each school's academic performance and also publish data, It is important to contact schools for more information and arrange a visit if you are considering applying for a place for your child.

Spotted a mistake or seen out of date information?

Please use our Contact Us page or email contact@schools

Choosing a Prep or Pre-Prep School

Prep schools prepare children for senior school and typically take children from the age of 7 up to either 11 or 13 depending on the school. Pre-schools take children as young as 2 up to 7. So pre & primary school together are the equivalent of nursery, primary and junior school in the state sector. Without official standardized data, it can be difficult to compare schools like for like and assess which schools perform better. The following checklist can help parents select the right school for their child:

  • Think about location, facilities, value for money and feedback from other parents to assist in making a shortlist

  • Ask the school about what tests the pupils sit and their track record of results. Year on year results will show whether a school's performance is steady, improving or declining

  • Read the Head’s introduction on the school’s website or arrange a meeting. The Head will have a strong influence on the ethos of the school

  • Ask about the style of education: high or low pressure; academically or more widely focused

  • The common leaver destination is a useful indictor. Will this school enable your child to gain entrance to your preferred secondary school? Do they prepare pupils for the Common Entrance Exam or Eleven Plus?

How do I use the free School Noticeboard?

You need to be a school administrator to register for the School Noticeboard and have an official school email address. All details will be verified by calling the school on its main telephone number. Register your school by clicking the School Noticeboard tab and completing the quick and easy registration form. This will generate a unique school log in that will be emailed to the registered address. Registered school users can then return to the site and add images and text to their School Noticeboard template at any time.
This is free and there is no limit on the amount of times you can update information throughout the academic year.
Click here to register to register for a School Noticeboard.

I represent a school and we have recently changed our website address, email or telephone number. Can we update our school page?

Yes. You can edit your basic school details (non data) by registering your school for a School Noticeboard free of charge. You do this by clicking the Register button next to the School Noticeboard section and following the instructions. Alternatively, you can email information to and enclose a telephone number so we can verify your details.

How can I get in touch with Schools Guide?

We welcome all comments and feedback. Please go to the Contact Us page for more information.

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